Corporate Governance

Corporate governance

1. Board of Directors

More than half of JIC's Board of Directors consist of external directors. Business execution and oversight are clearly separated to achieve prompt decision-making and appropriate corporate governance.

2.Investment Committee

JIC's Investment Committee is responsible for decisions to commit investment in funds. The Investment Committee consists of five external directors and JIC's President CEO to ensure objectivity and neutrality in investment decisions.

Investment Committee members
  1. Investment Committee Chairman
    • Sadayuki Sakakibara
  2. Investment Committee Member
    • Noriyuki Ogasawara
    • Toshiko Oka
    • Kenji Kutsuna
    • Hiroto Koda
    • Keisuke Yokoo


JIC has two external auditors who ensure the appropriate preparation of business reports and financial statements, legal compliance, and the establishment and operation of an effective internal control system.

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Organization and internal control system

JIC adopt three lines of defense for its organizational structure based on responsibilities to encourage collaboration throughout the whole organization.