Investment criteria

JIC makes investments in accordance with investment criteria based on the Industrial Competitiveness Act. In order to supply risk capital to the four investment focus areas designated by the investment criteria (listed below), JIC promotes open innovation in Japan through the establishment of investment funds, and contributes to enhancing Japan's industrial competitiveness and to the expansion of investment ecosystems.

Establish funds based on
four investment focus areas

Investment focus areas

  • Driving the creation of new business for Society 5.0
    Driving the creation of new businesses for Society 5.0

    Support the creation of new businesses where uncertain and discontinuous growth is required, and which demand a significant amount of risk capital over a long period.

  • Creating ''unicorn startups''
    "unicorn startups"

    Create unicorn startups seeking sustainable growth with a competitive edge in the global economy.

  • Leveraging promising untapped regional technologies.
    Leveraging promising untapped regional technologies

    Address the need for funding among regional startups from academia and such with under-utilized technologies and high revenue potential.

  • Promoting business consolidation accross industries and organizations
    Promoting business consolidation across industries and organizations

    Support enhancement of industrial competitiveness through bold business consolidation aiming at open innovation in the sectors with potential international competitiveness.

Drive open innovation
and contribute to enhancing industrial competitiveness.